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Lastu Libraries


Home Delivery Service

Home delivery service is meant for those who cannot visit a library because of age, illness or physical disability. Home delivery service is organized by the following libraries: Asikkala, Hartola, Heinola, Hollola, Hämeenoski, Kärkölä, Lahti and Orimattila. If you need this service, contact a library in your permanent place of residence. Home delivery service is free of charge except for interlibrary loans requested from libraries outside the Lahti region. Library staff collects materials according to your requests and preferences and delivers them to you. Library rules apply to patrons using the home delivery service. For further information contact your local library.

Celia Library Services

Celia is a centre for accessible literature in Finland. It produces and provides literature in accessible formats, such as audiobooks and Braille books. Celia books may be used by all who have difficulties reading printed books because of an illness or disability, for example visual impairment, dyslexia or rheumatism. Private individuals can become members of the Celia library by registering at their local libraries. Library staff will give instruction on how to use the services and the passwords that are required. To sign up for the Celia services and to get instruction you should book a session with the library’s Celia guide. At some libraries you can get registered as Celia’s web user or Celia’s CD club member. In addition, some Lastu libraries have Celia audiobooks in their collections. Those who have reading disabilities may borrow these CDs with their Lastu llibrary cards. Further information about Celia can be found at their website

Acquisition Requests

You may request the acquisition of material not owned by your library. Search the web library first to make sure the item is not already owned by the library. All acquisition requests are taken into consideration, but everything cannot necessarily be acquired. Because of copyright questions, all films and TV series cannot be acquired by libraries.

Booking Library Spaces

Library spaces are available to everyone. The libraries can be used to study, work, meet other people and get engaged in recreational or communal activities.

Spaces in the Lahti Main Library can be booked via the Timmi booking system. (opens into a new window)

Borrowing, Renewing and Returning Material

In the Lastu web library you can search for books and other library material, reserve items, renew your loans and check your own library account. To log in to the web library you need a PIN code which you can get at the Lastu libraries.

You may have up to 100 items on loan at one time. Of these
  • the number of console and computer games may not be more than 4

    The loan periods are normally 28 days
  • magazines, journals, DVDs, board games and sports equipment: 14 days
  • express collection: 7 days

    The library follows the age classification marked on each film and game. Therefore, films and games may not be borrowed by those who have not reached the required age. Further information on the Finnish age classification system for films and games can be found at

    An item on loan may be renewed unless it has been reserved. A loan may be renewed five consecutive times. Loans may be renewed at any time in the Lastu web library. During the library’s opening hours loans may be renewed by phone or by visiting a library. To renew your loans you need your library card number. An item may not be renewed
  • if it has been reserved
  • if you have already renewed it five times
  • if it is a book in the express collection
  • if you have lost your borrowing privileges

    Interlibrary loans are shown on your account in the web library and you cannot renew them yourself. If you would like to renew your interlibrary loans, contact the library.

    You are responsible for renewing your loans and returning them on time. You may return your loans to any Lastu library. The loan period ends when the library closes on the due date. If an item is late, the library will send an overdue notice. The first overdue notice is sent 7 days after the due date. A second overdue notice is sent 21 days after the due date. The first overdue notice will be sent right after an item has become overdue if it has been reserved or if it a question of a book in the express collection. If an item is not returned even after the second overdue notice, an invoice will be sent to the borrower. The Lastu libraries have different ways in how they use collection agencies to recover material that that has not been returned.

    If you have given your email address, the library may send you due date reminders that inform you about an approaching due date. However, the library is not responsible for items being late even if a due date reminder does not reach you. There are no due date reminders for interlibrary loans.

    If your library has a drop box, you can use it to return material when the library is closed. You return items at your own risk. If you return material in a drop box after the library has closed, the material will be recorded as returned the next day the library is open and there is staff present in the library. The following libraries have a drop box: Asikkala, Hartola, Heinola, Kärkölä, the Lahti Main Library, Padasjoki and Sysmä.

  • Changes in Contact Information

    You should notify the library of any changes in your address, phone number or email address. The changes can be made by visiting a library, by phone or in the Lastu web library. Changes in name have to be reported to the library personally. You are expected to present a photo ID with your new name on it.


    The fees that are used at all the libraries in the Lahti region are listed here. Other fees and charges vary in different Lastu libraries

    Overdue fine: 0.40 €/day/item (not more than 10 €/item)
    There are no overdue fines for children’s and youth material.

    Reserved item that has not been picked up: 2 €

    Loss of borrowing privileges: the amount of fees and charges is 10 € or more.

    Interlibrary Loans

    Interlibrary loan: 5 €
    Article copies from other libraries according to the costs determined by the library that sends the material.
    Interlibrary loans from other countries according to the costs determined by the lending library.

    New library card to replace a lost card: 3 €

    Lost or Damaged Material

    If an item is lost or damaged, it has to be replaced by a new copy or by paying a replacement fee. Because of copyright issues, patrons cannot replace films, digital games or computer programs by bringing a new copy to the library.

    Lost accompanying material that is part of a borrowed item: 5 €

    Paying Fees Online

    It is also possible to pay library fees online in the web library. All the fees have to be paid at the same time; they cannot be paid one at a time. The smallest amount that can be paid online is 0.65 euros. To be able to make online payments there must be an email address in the borrower’s library account. The fees for late items are only shown after the items have been returned or renewed.

    Interlibrary Loan Service

    If an item is not owned by the Lastu libraries, it can be requested through the interlibrary loan service from another library, either from Finland or from other countries. All Lastu libraries have the same interlibrary loan fees. After you have submitted an interlibrary loan request, you will be responsible for paying the fees. Interlibrary loan service takes place between libraries; the material is not sent directly to the borrower. However, you may choose the Lastu library where you would like to pick up the item. The library that sends the material determines the loan period.

    Interlibrary loans are shown on your account in the web library, but you cannot renew them yourself. If you would like to renew your loan, you should contact the library where you picked up the item. If you need to cancel your interlibrary loan request, contact the library where your submitted the request.

    All material is necessarily not available through the interlibrary loan service, and some items cannot be taken home but can only be used in the library.

    Interlibrary Loan Fees

    -An interlibrary loan from Finland: 5 euros

    -An interlibrary loan from other countries: the fee is determined by the library that sends the material, but in any case at least 10 euros

    -Copies: the fee is determined by the library that sends the copies, but in any case at least 0.50 euros

    If you are interested in making an interlibrary loan request, contact your library or fill out the interlibrary loan request form (opens into a new window)

    Interlibrary Loans for Libraries

    Interlibrary loan requests can be sent directly over the Lastu web library. By email requests may be sent to any public library in the Lahti region. Interlibrary loans are free of charge for other libraries. Copies cost 0.50 €/page. An interlibrary loan may be renewed five times unless someone has placed a reservation on the item.

    Library Account

    To create a library account you need a library card from a Lastu library and a four-number PIN code connected to the library card. You can get the PIN code by visiting a Lastu library. You need to have a photo ID with you.

    Because of security reasons, your library account expires 18 months after your last login. So, if you use your account regularly, it will not expire. If the account has expired, the data connected to the account is deleted as well (favourites and new item alerts). After the account has expired, a new one will be created automatically when you log into the Lastu web library the next time. After that, the 18-month time limit begins again. Unless the borrower has saved favourites or new item alerts, no harm will come from the account expiring every now and then. But if you have saved information in your account, it is better to log in to the account at least once in 18 months.

    Library Card

    The library card of any of the public libraries in the Lahti region may be used at all of these libraries. To obtain a library card, you have to agree to follow the library rules. Those who are under 15 years of age need the written consent of a parent or guardian. Day-care centres, schools and other institutions or organizations can get a library card with the written consent of a guarantor who must be at least 18 years of age. The guarantor is responsible for materials borrowed on these cards. When applying for a library card as a guarantor, you are asked to present a photo ID (for example a driving license or a passport) and fill out an application form. You can fill out the application form on the library’s website or at any Lastu library.

    The library card is personal. Card holders are responsible for all materials borrowed on their cards and for the use of their library card numbers and PIN codes. If your library card is lost, notify the library immediately. The library will block the use of a card that has been reported lost. If the card is later found, it can be unblocked. In that case you have to prove your identity to be able to use the same card.

    The first library card is free of charge. You can obtain a new card for a lost or a damaged card. A new card costs 3 euros. You should notify the library of any changes in your name or in your contact information.

    You will be given a four-digit PIN code when you get your library card. The PIN code can also be added to your library account later. You need the PIN code when you log in to the Lastu web library, when you use the public computers at the Heinola or Hollola libraries and when you use the self-check-out stations.

    Fill a form to apply for a library card here (opens in a new tab). After sending the form, you can pick up your library card from any Lastu-library after three working days.

    Library Rules

    The same rules apply at all the public libraries in the Lahti region (Lastu libraries). The region includes Asikkala, Hartola, Heinola, Hollola, Hämeenkoski, Kärkölä, Lahti, Orimattila, Padasjoki and Sysmä.

    Rules of the Lastu libraries (opens into a new window)

    Reserving Material

    You can reserve material by visiting a library, by phone or in the Lastu web library. Reserving items and managing them is easy in the web library. Begin by doing a search to find the material you are interested in. Then you can reserve an item either directly on the search result list or by clicking the title, which will take you to the Items page. Click on the “Place a hold” button and choose the library where you would like to pick up the material. On the “Your account” page you can also choose a default pick-up library, which will then be your primary pick-up library. However, you can always ignore the default pick-up library and choose another library where to collect the item you have reserved.

    Reserving material is free of charge, but there is a 2 euro charge for reserved material that has not been picked up in 7 days. A reservation may be cancelled in the web library unless the item has been returned and is already waiting for pick-up or unless it is on its way to a pick-up location. If the reserved item has already been returned, the reservation can still be cancelled by contacting the selected pick-up library. A reserved item will be held for 7 days. If you reserve an item, it will be delivered from any Lastu library where it is available. You may choose the Lastu library where you would like to collect the material. You can be notified of a reserved item ready to be picked up by email, text message or a mailed letter.

    The pick-up notice has a reservation number which shows the location of the reserved item on the reservation shelf. After taking the reserved material from the reservation shelf you still have to borrow it.

    Self-Service Libraries

    Self-service libraries extend the library’s normal opening hours by offering our patrons the possibility to use library spaces and materials even when there is no staff present - on mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays. You can access a self-service library with a library card and a PIN code. Self-service library services are available at the following libraries: Ahtiala, Asikkala, Heinola, Hollola, Jalkaranta, Kärpänen, Liipola, Mukkula, Nastola, Orimattila, Padasjoki, Renkomäki and Sysmä.